Terex Business System

The Terex Business System (TBS) is a framework developed through adopting world-class business practices. Much greater than a manufacturing improvement effort, TBS touches every part of the organization.

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TBS is built on the foundation of “The Terex Way” values: Integrity, Improvement, Servant Leadership, Courage, Citizenship and Respect. This supports the development of committed leaders in all functional disciplines, who are positioned to foster engaged team members who are committed to customer responsiveness.  We are dedicated to delivering on four fundamental “pillars” of excellence: 


1. Being a high-performance culture

2. Excelling at planning

3. Excelling in operations

4. Forming valued partnerships with our customers, suppliers and the communities in which we work


As we achieve these goals:


• We will live our purpose: To help improve the lives of people around the world

• We will fulfill our mission: To provide solutions to our machinery and industrial product customers that yield superior productivity and return on investment

• We will continue to aspire to our vision: 

  • To be the most customer responsive Company in the industry as determined by our customers
  • To be the most profitable Company in the industry as measured by ROIC
  • To be the best place to work in the industry as determined by our team members